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It’s October! Black cats are often associated with being spooky, but this means they have a negative stereotype associated with them.

Some people take the color of the cat into heavy consideration when looking for a new companion. This also goes for dogs! It’s a sad fact that black dogs and cats have a hard time finding homes.

To celebrate the awesomeness of black kitties, we would like to do a little showcase of black adoptable kitties! We also want to adopt to some shelters that are taking care of black kitties!
If you would like to nominate a kitty, please reblog with a link, or email us at

Want to find a black cat to show us? Try !

<3 Thank you!

Bast wasn’t “the cat goddess”, but other than that, yeah.  

She was a goddess associated first with lionesses then later with cats, later depicted with a cat’s head because cats were sacred to her.  Her temples were full of cats.  But she was not a “cat goddess” or a “goddess of cats” any more than Thoth was the “ibis god”.  Animals could be sacred to certain gods, or associated with them because of their qualities, but it wasn’t “cat worshp” or anything.  Bast’s main traits were being solar, associated with Ra, and protective.  They tended to make strongly protective gods associated with felines in some way, usually lions but in this case also cats (which had some politics behind it too).

But everything else seems legit, so yes, adopt black cats, so many don’t get adopted.  And for some it’s for stupid reasons like “All black cats are the same.”  No they’re not! Why would they be!?

I have two black cats of my own, and I can firmly say that they saved my life. I don’t know what I would do without them.

I’ve adopted 3 black cats in my life. They’re the best.

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